My name is Sandy and I am an Internet Marketer just like you. I would like to thank you for visiting my business opportunity Web page. Just like me, I know some of you are tired of looking for auto-surf, get-paid-to programs and other Internet or affiliates that pays and really work.

Now, it's time for me to share all the programs that worked for me. Who knows? It might work for you.

You are probably skeptical of this, especially with all the different business opportunities out there, but if you don't try this out, you will never know. I felt exactly the same as you probably do right now. I wanted to believe but I just couldn't help thinking that there was some sort of a catch.

But I tell this, no other compensation that can offer you the fairest payout and the fastest growth over time than this. If you are willing to put in 2 hours a day just surfing in the Internet, this might be just the thing you are looking for.

It's really worth your time to find out.

Now, before you start, I want you to read the articles under the 'GETTING STARTED' category of this page. This will equip you on how to setup your account up to make your profits rolling.

Before joining any Paid-To-Click site, there are several things that you need to do and to remember:

1. Always do your research.

It is always good to know that you you have at least an idea of what is PTC and how it works before joining. Know the staff, admins, or any available forums which you think you can ask for assistance or questions.

2. Read the 'Terms of Service' (TOS)
3. Read 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ)

4. Setup your e-mail address.

You should have one of these already. If you don't I suggest that you get an e-mail account from one of the following:

- http://www.gmail.com
- http://www.yahoo.com
- http://www.hotmail.com

5. Setup a payment processor such as AlertPay or Paypayl.

You must have one of these to get paid. They cannot pay you directly via bank but they can send your earnings to your preferred payment processor. Some PTC sites send payment through AlertPay and Paypal. I suggest that you have both. To sign up:

6. Earning money at PTC sites.

Earning money with PTC site is very easy and simple. No technical knowledge is required and one can start earning without spending a dime.

One gets paid to click on ads and visit websites. Simply click a link and view a website for few seconds. The money one can earn per click varies from $0.01 to $0.02. The minimum payout is $1.0 to $10.0 depends on individual sites policy and payments are sent to your online bank account.

Earning Modes:

- Joining as a free or a standard member.

Each ad one view earns $0.01 – 0.015. It really depends on the policy of the PTC program you joined.

- Upgrade membership.

Upgrade you membership and earn more. With upgraded membership one can earn $0.015 – 0.04 per ad viewed or it can double your earnings.

- Refer your friends and families.

Refer your friends to join the site. After joining the site you will get your referral link, give this link to your friends. Ask them to paste your referral link in the address bar of your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari etc.). The system will automatically place your friend under your down line. What you referral earns; you earn some percentage (usually 50% to 100%) of it. Earning percentage depends on site policy.

If you are having difficulty in looking for referrals. PTC sites can do the recruiting for you. You can purchase referrals as many packs as you want.

7. Claiming your earnings.

Once minimum payout is reached, a withdrawal request can be raised. All payments are usually processed through payment processors (Online Banks). Most of PTC site pay through payment processors, either PayPal or AlertPay. So, one have to open accounts into this payment processors. Opening account is free in both online banks.

Options available to withdraw money from online bank account are as listed below.

1. Request a Cheque
2. Request direct deposit to Bank account
3. Withdraw through debit card issued by payment processor

You can also use these processors to send money to your friends or shop online.


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