My name is Sandy and I am an Internet Marketer just like you. I would like to thank you for visiting my business opportunity Web page. Just like me, I know some of you are tired of looking for auto-surf, get-paid-to programs and other Internet or affiliates that pays and really work.

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You are probably skeptical of this, especially with all the different business opportunities out there, but if you don't try this out, you will never know. I felt exactly the same as you probably do right now. I wanted to believe but I just couldn't help thinking that there was some sort of a catch.

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It's really worth your time to find out.

Now, before you start, I want you to read the articles under the 'GETTING STARTED' category of this page. This will equip you on how to setup your account up to make your profits rolling.

MyLot is a popular web community that pays users to participate. If you are good in writing and replying in posts, this is definitely for you. At first, I was skeptic in joining the program. The way MyLot works is like a messageboard. You can post questions, answer questions, make friends and participate in polls and picture posting. The more active you are, the the more detailed your answers are, the more handsomely you are reimbursed for your activity. The trick is to keep your answers long; Four (4) lines at the least- gain a high user rating through quality participation, post quality, thought-provoking questions and aim to answer a plentiful amount of questions per day. They pay out at a very low limit ($10) once a month, like clockwork.

If you follow these simple rules, and participate daily, you will see your account growing faster and faster. I joined few weeks ago and I am expecting a dollar tonight. I will post my payment proof soon. Join under me and I’m sure you will soon see the benefits.

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