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Belated Merry Christmas! I apologize for not posting. I have been busy with the holidays.
Anyway, after checking my mails and getting back to my PTC work, it is sad to know that one of the PTC sites I have joined which is - SmithBux turned out to be a scam. I joined to days ago and banned me for no reason at all. Who could ever ban a new user like me? I mean I have followed their rules, clicked the sites manually. It just made me wonder what would be the reasons of banning users like me. I guess they have banned me due to the following reasons:

- I am in China? (most PTC ban people from these country - damn racists!)
- IP address
- Multiple accounts.

But all of the above do not apply to me. I don't really know. One thing is for sure - I will not promote this site anymore and will consider this as a scam.

Advance happy new year to all!


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